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Прэтчетт, Терри - Прэтчетт - Terry Pratchett: bibliography

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Terry Pratchett: bibliography

Last-modified: 07 Jul 1999 URL: http://www.lspace.org/faqs/



     This is the bibliography of the bestselling author Terry Pratchett.

     In it are listed uk & merkin editions of his books which have been

     published for open sale (i.e. it excludes editions available only to

     book club members) and the 'blurbs' to the first uk (& commonwealth)

     hardcover and paperback editions of each are given, by way of intro-

     duction. Information on his shorter fiction, on books and on maps of

     associational interest, & on "forn language" editions is also given,

     where known.
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Contributions, corrections, comments and changes should be directed to:
ppint. who now maintains the bibliography; please cc.

    to orin : and many thanks to him, for his work on it,

    over the years, and to the many afpers & abp-ers, who've contributed.

1. The Discworld Series
1.1 The Colour of Magic 1.2 The Light Fantastic 1.3 Equal Rites 1.4 Mort 1.5 Sourcery 1.6 Wyrd Sisters 1.7 Pyramids 1.8 Guards! Guards! 1.9 Eric 1.10 Moving Pictures 1.11 Reaper Man 1.12 Witches Abroad 1.13 Small Gods 1.14 Lords and Ladies 1.15 Men At Arms 1.16 Soul Music 1.17 The Witches Trilogy (Omnibus of 1.3, 1.6 & 1.12) 1.18 Interesting Times 1.19 Maskerade 1.20 Feet of Clay 1.21 Hogfather [merkin mmp/b scheduled 9/99] 1.22 Jingo 1.23 The Last Continent 1.24 The Death Trilogy (Omnibus of 1.4, 1.11 & 1.16) 1.25 Carpe Jugulum [p/b scheduled 5/11/99][merkin h/cvr sched. 9/99] 1.26 The Colour of Magic: The Light Fantastic: The First Discworld Novels

     [Omnibus of 1.1 & 1.2] 1.27 City Watch Trilogy

     [Omnibus of 1.8, 1.15 & 1.20, i suspect] [scheduled 10/99] 1.28 The Fifth Elephant [scheduled 11/99; p/b due 11/00 (y2k - eeek !)] 1.29 [nothing advised: likely to be scheduled for 5 or 11/00]
2. Non-Series Novels
2.1 The Carpet People (1st Edition) 2.2 The Carpet People (2nd Edition) 2.3 The Dark Side of the Sun 2.4 Strata
3. The Nomes Series (The Bromeliad)
3.1 Truckers 3.2 Diggers 3.3 Wings 3.4 [The Bromeliad] (omnibus of 3.1, .2 & .3)
4. The Johnny Maxwell Series 4.1 Only You Can Save Mankind 4.2 Johnny and the Dead 4.3 Johnny and the Bomb
5. Collaborations 5.1 Good Omens (with Neil Gaiman) 5.2 The Unadulterated Cat (with Gray Joliffe)
6. Translations
6.1 Dutch [information added 12/12/98: many thanks to daniel proost] 6.2 Finnish 6.3 French [information added 5, 10/98 7/7/99: many thanks to dominic dunlop] 6.4 German [information added 5/5, 10/10/98: many thanks to beate schwentzick]

     [information added 8/98, 7/7/99: many thanks to frank luedke]

     [identification of original titles added 9/9/98: many thanks to drake] 6.5 Israeli [information added 7/7/99: many thanks to ] 6.6 Italian 6.7 Norwegian [informn. added 7/7/98: many thanks to magne oestlyngen] 6.8 Polish [information added 10/98: many thanks to grzegorz sapijaszko]

     [information added 7/7/99: many thanks to piotr szotkowski 6.9 Spanish 6.10 Swedish
7. Miscellany
7.1 Short Stories [their original publication, and subsequent reprints]. 7.2 Truckers [Picture Book based on the Cosgrove Hall animated cartoon] 7.3 Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic - The Graphic Novel 7.4 Terry Pratchett's The Light Fantastic [graphic novel] 7.5 Mort: A Discworld Big Comic [graphic novel] 7.6 Terry Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters - The Play 7.7 Terry Pratchett's Mort - The Play 7.8 Terry Pratchett's Guards! Guards! - The Play 7.9 Terry Pratchett's Men at Arms - The Play 7.10 Soul Music: The Illustrated Screenplay 7.11 GURPS Discworld [fantasy role-playing game] 7.12 Wyrd Sisters: The Illustrated Screenplay 7.13 Terry Pratchett's Maskerade - The Play
7a. Discworld "Non-Fiction" & Art Books
7a.1 The Fantasy Art of Josh Kirby (Josh Kirby) [art book] 7a.2 In The Gardens of Unearthly Delights (Josh Kirby) [art book] 7a.3 The Josh Kirby Portfolio (Josh Kirby) [art book] 7a.4 The Streets of Ankh Morpork (Stephen Briggs, with Terry) [map] 7a.5 The Discworld Companion (Stephen Briggs, with Terry) [encyclopedia] 7a.5u The Discworld Companion updated edition (Stephen Briggs, with Terry) 7a.6 The Discworld Mapp (Stephen Briggs, with Terry) [map] 7a.7 Terry Pratchett's Discworld - The Official Strategy Guide

     (Glenn Edridge) [computer game guidebook] 7a.7a Unseen University Challenge (David Langford) [quizbook] 7a.9 The Pratchett Portfolio (Paul Kidby + Terry) [art book] 7a.10 Terry Pratchett's Discworld II - Missing Presumed...!?

     The Official Strategy Guide (Paul Kidd) [computer game guidebook] 7a.11 Discworld Unseen University Diary 1998 (CMOT Briggs, Terry & Paul Kidby) 7a.12 A Tourist Guide to Lancre [tourist's and walker's guide, plus map] 7a.13 Terry Pratchett Discworld Colllector's Edition 1999 Calendar 7a.14 Discworld's Ankh-Morpork City Watch Diary 1999 7a.15 Terry Pratchett Discworld Collector's Edition 1999 Day-to-Day Calendar 7a.16 Death's Domain [the fourth discworld map] 7a.17 The Science of Discworld [p/b estimated 6/00 - y2k - eek!] 7a.18 Discworld's Assassins' Guild Diary 2000 [scheduled 19/8/99] 7a.19 Nanny Ogg's Cook Book [scheduled 11/99]
9. Notes on publishers & ISBNs (International Standard Book Numbers),

     and on book formats
9.1 Note on uk publishers & ISBNs 9.2 Note on merkin publishers & ISBNs. 9.3 Note on non-english language editions' publishers & ISBNs. 9.4 Note on book formats.
The blurbs given here are to UK & Commonwealth editions.
Note on Publishers, ISBNs, and book formats at end of this bibliography; but briefly, "p/b" indicates a uk paperback, "mmp/b" a merkin (us) mass market paperback edition, whilst "h/cvr" signifies a hardcover edition.
%A = author %T = title %I = imprint %D = date of publication
Note on cover artists.
Josh Kirby is the single artist most popularly associated with Terry's books, though he was not in fact the first artist to produce cover art for his work - Terry himself did that - nor even that of the very first Discworld novel, _The Colour of Magic_; but he was Transworld's choice for cover artist for the first p/b of this, and has graced - or disgraced () the covers of the uk editions of the Discworld books ever since - with one exception: Transworld tested a "serious" cover on a printing of _The Colour of Magic_ in an apparent attempt to broaden the sales appeal to encompass sad people hitherto put off what some have described as lit- erature, by visibly non-serious cover art. the attempt was not entirely successful, and has not been repeated - or even reprinted.
the (merkin) mmp/bs from New American Library (later Penguin USA) Signet /Roc have featured cover artwork by Darrell K. Sweet that most, but not all, who have compared with Josh Kirby's, concur to be less in sympathy with the feel of the Discworld (though by no means necessarily less true to the descriptions of the characters in Terry's text; rather, the reverse). apparently the Signet/Roc mmp/bs of _The Light Fantastic_, _Equal Rights_, & _Mort_ use josh kirby's artwork. [these not seen by myself; but i suspect, this being so, the cover art of _The Colour of Magic_ does, too.(ppint.)]
later merkin h/cvr editions published by HarperCollins have altogether more "serious" cover art: designs deemed to be symbolic of the novels, rather than illustrative of them, by Michael Sabanosh, & Carl D.Galian.
---------------------------------------- 1. The Discworld Series
Without a doubt, the most popular series of books that Terry Pratchett has written.
---------------------------------------- 1.1 The Colour of Magic
%A Terry Pratchett %T The Colour of Magic %I Colin Smythe (h/cvr) (cvr art: Alan Smith) %D 11/83 ISBN 0-86140-089-5 [this edition now out of print] %I St. Martin's (merkin h/cvr) (cvr art: Alan Smith) %D [?11/83] ISBN %I Corgi (p/b) %D 1985 [re-set, c.1993/4 i think. (ppint.)] ISBN 0-552-12475-3 %I Colin Smythe (h/cvr) (+ intro by Terry; new cover art - by Josh Kirby) %D 1989 ISBN 0-86140-324-X %I Signet (mmp/b) %D /87 [this edition now out of print] ISBN 0-451-15705-2 %I Corgi (two-cassette audio/b; abr.) %D 1993 ISBN 0-552-14017-1 %I ROC (mmp/b) %D ISBN 0-451-45112-0 %I Isis (six-cassette audio/b) %D 1995 ISBN 1-85695-800-0 %I Victor Gollancz (miniature h/cvr) %D 1995 ISBN 0-575-06165-0 there is also a large-print h/cvr edn: %I Isis %D (not yet known) ISBN (not yet known)
1st edition h/cvr blurb (thank-you for the d-j, colin smythe :-) ):

     Terry Pratchett has invented a phantasmagorical universe in

     which a blissfully naive interplanetary tourist called Two-

     flower joins up with a drop-out wizard whose spells only seem

     to work half of the time. Together they undertake a chaotic

     voyage through a crazy world filled with monsters and dragons,

     heroes and knaves. Pratchett has taken the sword and sorcery

     fantasy tradition and turned it in its ear to create an enter-

     taining and bizarre spoof.
h/cvr blurb (of the 1995 printing):

     Since the publication of _The Colour of Magic_ in 1983, Terry

     Pratchett's Discworld series (described by the _Guardian_ as

     `a sequence of unalloyed delight') now has seventeen bestselling

     titles currently in print, every one of which has received rapt-

     urous reviews. As the American _Publisher's Weekly_ wrote, in

     this first volume of the series Rincewind, an inept wizard, takes

     on the job of `shepherding a naive actuary, Twoflower, his world's

     first tourist, through a series of increasingly hazardous and out-

     rageous adventures. Assisting Rincewind's rather inconsistent pow-

     ers in protecting Twoflower is the Luggage, a sentient trunk that

     follows him through all manner of adversity on its hundreds of

     little legs. Heroic barbarians, chthonic monsters, beautiful prin-

     cesses and fiery dragons; they're all here, but none of them is

     doing business as usual.'
p/b blurb:

     Jerome K. Jerome meets _Lord of the Rings_ (with a touch of _Peter

     Pan_)...[this first part omitted from the 1994 re-set p/b edition]

     On a world supported on the back of a giant turtle (sex unknown),

     a gleeful, explosive, wickedly eccentric expedition sets out.

     There's an avaricious but inept wizard, a naive tourist whose

     luggage moves on hundreds of dear little legs, dragons who only

     exist if you believe in them, and of course THE EDGE of the


     The wackiest and most original fantasy since _Hitchhikers Guide

     to the Galaxy_.
---------------------------------------- 1.2 The Light Fantastic
%A Terry Pratchett %T The Light Fantastic %I Colin Smythe (h/cvr) [distr. in merkia & canadadada by Dufour Editions] %D 6/86 ISBN 0-86140-203-0 %I Corgi (p/b) %D 9/86 [re-set 1994] ISBN 0-552-12848-1 %I Signet (mmp/b) %D 3/88 [this edition now out of print] ISBN 0-451-15297-2 %I Signet [? Roc ?] (mmp/b) %D (not yet known) [this edition now out of print] ISBN 0-451-16241-2 %I Corgi (two-cassette audio/b; abr.) %D 1993 ISBN 0-552-14018-X %I Isis (six-cassette audio/b) %D 1995 ISBN 1-85695-831-0 %I Victor Gollancz (miniature h/cvr) %D 1995 ISBN 0-575-06164-2 %I Roc (mmp/b) (4th penguin printing) %D 6/98 ISBN 0-451-16241-2 there is also a large-print h/cvr edn: %I Isis %D (not yet known) ISBN (not yet known)
h/cvr blurb:

     In _The Colour of Magic_, the singularly inept and cowardly wiz-

     ard Rincewind, Twoflower, the Discworld's first tourist, and his

     remarkable Luggage, were last seen falling off its edge, with no

     help in sight.

     In this sequel, the Discworld is moving towards a seemingly in-

     evitable collision with a malevolent red star, and it has only

     one possible saviour. Unfortunately this happens to be Rincewind. . .
p/b blurb:

     As it moves towards a seemingly inevitable collision with a mal-

     evolent red star, the Discworld has only one possible saviour.

     Unfortunately, this happens to be the singularly inept and coward

     -ly wizard called Rincewind, who was last seen falling off the

     edge of the world ....

     The funniest and most unorthodox fantasy in this or any other galaxy.
---------------------------------------- 1.3 Equal Rites
%A Terry Pratchett %T Equal Rites %I Victor Gollancz (h/cvr) "in association with Colin Smythe" %D 1/87 [this edition now out of print] ISBN 0-575-03950-7 %I Corgi (p/b) %D 1987 [re-set 1994] ISBN 0-552-13105-9 %I Signet (mmp/b) %D 9/88 [this edition now out of print] ISBN 0-451-15704-4 %I Corgi (two-cassette audio/b; abr.) %D 1993 ISBN 0-552-14016-3 %I Isis [large-print h/cvr edn] %D c.1994 ISBN 1-85695-387-4 %I Roc (mmp/b) %D (not yet known) [this edition now out of print] ISBN 0-451-45092-2 %I Isis (six-cassette audio/b) %D 1995 ISBN 1-85695-828-0 %I Victor Gollancz (miniature h/cvr) %D 1995 ISBN 0-575-06166-9 %I Victor Gollancz (h/cvr) [larger format - letterbox design d.j.] %D 11/96 ISBN 0-575-06410-2 %I Roc (mmp/b) %D 4/98 ISBN 0-451-.....-. (n.y.k.)
h/cvr blurb:

     Plodding through the eternal void is the great turtle A'Tuin. On

     his back (or hers - the question is unresolved) stand four eleph-

     ants. And supported on the elephants' shoulders is. . . Discworld,

     planet of magic and misadventure!

     Predicting his own death, the wizard Drum Billet sets out to pass

     on his power and his staff to his predicted successor, the eighth

     son of an eighth son. But there is a problem. The eighth son turns

     out to be a daughter, and women aren't supposed to be wizards.

     (`Where does it say women can't be wizards?' `It doesn't say it

     anywhere, it says it everywhere.') But it's too late: Eskarina in-

     herits the wizard's staff, and with the reluctant help of the witch

     Granny Weatherwax sets out to learn her new calling.
p/b blurb:

     The last thing the wizard Drum Billet did, before Death laid a bony

     hand on his shoulder, was to pass on his staff of power to the eighth

     son of an eighth son. Unfortunately for his colleagues in the chauv-

     inistic (not to say mysogynistic) world of magic, he failed to check

     on the new-born baby's sex ...

     A third hilarious adventure by the author of _The Colour of Magic_

     and _The Light Fantastic_.
---------------------------------------- 1.4 Mort
%A Terry Pratchett %T Mort %I Victor Gollancz (h/cvr) "in association with Colin Smythe" %D 11/87 [this edition now out of print] ISBN 0-575-04171-4 %I Corgi (p/b) %D 11/88 ISBN 0-552-13106-7 %I Signet (mmp/b) %D 4/89 [this edition now out of print] ISBN 0-451-15923-3 %I Corgi (two-cassette audio/b; abr.) %D 1994 ISBN 0-552-14015-5 %I Roc mmp/b %D (not yet known) [this edition now out of print] ISBN 0-451-45113-9 %I Isis (six-cassette audio/b) %D 1995 ISBN 1-85695-845-0 %I Victor Gollancz (miniature h/cvr) %D 1995 ISBN 0-575-06167-7 %I Victor Gollancz (h/cvr) [larger format; letterbox d.j.] %D 11/96 ISBN 0-575-06408-0 %I Roc mmp/b %D 8/98 [scheduled] ISBN 0-451-.....-. (n.y.k.) %I Isis [large-print h/cvr edn] %D (not yet known) ISBN 1-85089-044-7
h/cvr blurb:

     In _Mort_, Terry Pratchett returns to `Discworld', the setting

     for his popular series of comic fantasy novels, _The Colour of

     Magic_, _The Light Fantastic_, and _Equal Rites_.

     Mort is an unpromising, gangling teenager who becomes as apprent-

     ice to Death, but proves less than gifted at his new task of ush-

     ering souls out of the world. In fact, when it comes to the rath-

     er attractive Princess Keli (due to be assassinated) Mort fluffs

     it completely. He kills the assassin instead, thus interfering

     with the implacable workings of Fate. But reality isn't changed

     so easily; history as it should have been begins to take shape

     around Keli's city-state of Sto Lat. Can Mort save Keli before

     she is squeezed out of existence?

     Death, having delegated much of his work to Mort, is displaying

     disturbingly human characteristics: drinking, dice-playing and

     becoming curious about the nature of fun. Mort, meanwhile, is

     becoming much less cheery and showing a worrying tendency to

p/b blurb:

     Death comes to us all. When he came to Mort, he offered him a job.

     After being assured that being dead was not compulsory, Mort accept-

     ed. However, he soon found that romantic longings did not mix eas-

     ily with the responsibilities of being Death's apprentice...
---------------------------------------- 1.5 Sourcery
%A Terry Pratchett %T Sourcery %I Victor Gollancz (h/cvr) "in association with Colin Smythe" %D 5/88 [this edition now out of print] ISBN 0-575-04217-6 %I Corgi (p/b) %D 5/89 ISBN 0-552-13107-5 %I Signet (mmp/b) %D 12/89 [this edition now out of print] ISBN 0-451-16233-1 %I Corgi (two-cassette audio/b; abr.) %D 1994 ISBN 0-552-14011-2 %I Isis (six-cassette audio/b) %D 1995 ISBN 1-85695-862-0 %I Victor Gollancz (h/cvr) [larger format; letterbox design d-j] %D 11/96 ISBN 0-575-06409-9 %I Roc (mmp/b) %D 8/98 ISBN 0-451-.....-. (n.y.k.)
h/cvr blurb:

     A sourcerer is born - a wizard so powerful that by comparison all

     other magic is just mucking around in pointy hats.

     And his very existence brings the Discworld, which is of course

     flat and rides through space on the back of an enormous turtle, to

     the very verge of all-out thaumaturgical war*.

     All that stands in the way is Rincewind, the failed magician, who

     wants to save the world, or at least that part of it which contains

     him. More new characters join the Discworld adventure: Conina the

     barbarian hairdresser, Nijel the Destroyer (whose mother still makes

     him wear woolly underwear) and possibly the first yuppie genie, who's

     into lamps as a growth area.

     This time the adventure goes east, or hubwards, or whatever. It

     doesn't simply draw heavily on _Omar Khayyam_, _Raiders of the Lost

     Ark_, the _1001 Nights_ and every Arabian B-movie ever made, it

     scribbles on them as well. . .

     * A bad thing
p/b blurb:

     There was an eighth son of an eighth son. He was, quite naturally,

     a wizard. And there it should have ended. However (for reasons we'd

     better not go into), he had seven sons. And then he had an eighth

     son ... a wizard squared ... a source of magic ... a Sourcerer.
---------------------------------------- 1.6 Wyrd Sisters
%A Terry Pratchett %T Wyrd Sisters %I Victor Gollancz (h/cvr) %D 11/88 [this edition now out of print] ISBN 0-575-04363-6 %I Corgi %D 11/89 (p/b) ISBN 0-552-13460-0 (p/b) %I Corgi (two-cassette audio/b; abr.) %D 1994 ISBN 0-552-14014-7 %I Roc (mmp/b) %D (not yet known) [this edition now out of print] ISBN 0-451-45012-4 %I Isis (eight-cassette audio/b) %D 1996 ISBN 0-7531-0021-5 %I Victor Gollancz (h/cvr) [larger format; letterbox design d-j] %D 11/96 ISBN 0-575-06411-0
h/cvr blurb:

     Kingdoms wobble, crowns topple and knives flash on the magical

     Discworld as the statutory three witches meddle in royal politics.

     But Granny Weatherwax (of _Equal Rites_) and her fellow coven

     members find it's all a lot more difficult than playwrights would

     have you believe. . .

     Everything you'd expect is here - hunchbacked kings, lost crowns

     and disguised heirs. And they are joined by things you haven't

     heard of yet, like a stage-struck thunderstorm and the first record-

     ed instance of the in-flight refuelling of a broomstick. Through it

     all the wyrd sisters ("This cauldron's got all _yuk_ in it!") battle

     against frightful odds to put the rightful king on the throne.

     At least, that's what they think. . .

     _Wyrd Sisters_ is the sixth of Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels,

     which are now well-established as the funniest fantasy series ever -

     and among the funniest novels of any kind currently being published.
p/b blurb:

     Witches are not by their nature gregarious, and they certainly don't

     have leaders. Granny Weatherwax was the most highly-regarded of the

     leaders they didn't have. But even *she* found that meddling in royal

     politics was a lot more difficult than certain playwrights would have

     you believe ...
---------------------------------------- 1.7 Pyramids
%A Terry Pratchett %T Pyramids %I Victor Gollancz (h/cvr) %D 5/89 [this edition now out of print] ISBN 0-575-04463-2 %I Corgi (p/b) %D 6/90 ISBN 0-552-13461-9 %I Corgi (two-cassette audio/b; abr.) %D 1995 ISBN 0-552-14013-9 %I Roc (mmp/b) %D 12/89 [? or /90 ?] [this edition now out of print] ISBN 0-451-45044-2 %I Isis (eight-cassette audio/b) %D 1997 ISBN 0-7531-0140-8 %I Victor Gollancz (h/cvr) ["letterbox" design d-j] %D 5/97 ISBN 0-575-06484-6 %I Roc (mmp/b) %D 10/98 [scheduled] ISBN 0-451-.....-. (n.y.k.)
h/cvr blurb:

     It isn't easy, being a teenage pharoah. You're not allowed to carry

     money, uninhibited young women peel your grapes for you, everyone

     thinks you're responsible for making the sun rise and the corn grow,

     you keep dreaming about seven thin cows and seven fat cows* and, on

     top of everything else, the Great Pyramid has just exploded because

     of paracosmic instability.

     And then you've got to deal with all these assassins, sphinxes, huge

     wooden horses, mad high priests, philosophers, sacred crocodiles,

     gods, marching mummies, jobbing pyramid builders and Hat, the Vult-

     ure-Headed God of Unexpected Guests.

     And all you _really_ wanted was the chance to do something for young

     people and the inner cities.

     Definitely the funniest Discworld book since the last one.

     *One of them playing a trombone.
p/b blurb:

     Being trained by the Assassin's Guild in Ankh-Morpork did not fit

     Teppic for the task assigned to him by fate. He inherited the throne

     of the desert kingdom of Djelibeybi rather earlier than he expected

     (his father wasn't too happy about it either), but that was only the

     beginning of his problems ...
---------------------------------------- 1.8 Guards! Guards!
%A Terry Pratchett %T Guards! Guards! %I Victor Gollancz (h/cvr)[this edition now out of print] %D 11/89 ISBN 0-575-04606-6 %I Corgi (p/b) %D 11/90 ISBN 0-552-13462-7 %I Corgi (two-cassette audio/b; abr.) %D 1995 ISBN 0-552-14012-0 %I Roc (mmp/b) %D 7/91 ISBN 0-451-45089-2 %I Isis (eight-cassette audio/b) %D 1995 ISBN 0-7531-0016-9 %I Victor Gollancz (h/cvr) ["letterbox" design d-j] %D 5/97 ISBN 0-575-06485-4 %I Roc (mmp/b) %D 10/98 [scheduled] ISBN 0-451-.....-. (n.y.k.)
h/cvr blurb:

     _`Of all the cities in the world it could have flown into, it flew

     into mine. . .'_

     Some night-time prowler is turning the citizens of Ankh-Morpork,

     greatest city of the fantasy Discworld*, into something resembling

     small charcoal biscuits.

     And that's a real problem for Captain Vimes of the City Watch, who

     must tramp the mean streets of the city searching for a seventy-

     foot-long fire-breathing dragon which, he believes, can help him

     with their enquiries.

     In a city thrown into turmoil by magic, charcoal biscuits, secret

     societies and mad lady dragon breeders (`Just tell him _sit_ if he's

     bothering you'), he's just looking for the facts.

     * Which is flat and rides through space on the back of four elephants

     who stand on the shell of an enormous turtle, as every scholar knows.
p/b blurb:

     This is where the dragons went. They lie... not dead, not asleep,

     but... dormant. And although the space they occupy isn't like normal

     space, nevertheless they are packed in tightly. They could put you

     in mind of a can of sardines, if you thought sardines were huge and

     scaly. And presumably, somewhere, there's a key ...


---------------------------------------- 1.9 Eric
%A Terry Pratchett %T Eric %I Victor Gollancz (very large format illustrated hardback and paperback) [vlf p/b is 7.6"/19.5cm wide by 11"/28cm tall; h/cvr boards a little larger] %D 8/90 (both); both subs. reprinted. [all these editions now out of print] ISBN 0-575-04636-8 (vlf colour-illustr. h/cvr) ISBN 0-575-06836-0 (vlf clr.-illustr.p'bk.)[h/cvr signatures in card covers] %I VGSF ("in association with Corgi") (a format p/b: text only) %D 8/91 (11th impressiom 11/95) ISBN 0-575-05191-4 [this edition is now out of print, replaced by:] %I Vista ("in association with Corgi Books") (a format p/b: text only) %D '96 (f.cvr. adds embossed gold to terry's name, which is now in caps; [and re- also resets "Faust", "Eric", "A Discworld Novel" - and even prints] the crossing-out of "Faust" [!!] - which some might account

     improvements - but reversing the artwork was a *bad* idea;

     Rincewind, the Parrot, the Luggage and Eric are lost from centre

     stage, shrunk by five ninths, and ignominiously half-wrapped

     off its lefthand edge, onto the book's spine. find a vgsf copy.) ISBN 0-575-60001-2 %I Corgi (two-cassette audio/b; abr.) %D 1/7/97 (actually available 30/6/97) ISBN 0-552-14572-6 %I Roc (mmp/b) %D 9/95 [this edition now out of print] ISBN 0-451-45357-3 %I Roc (mmp/b) (2nd penguin printing) %D 6/98 ISBN 0-451-45357-3
[merkia lost out on the illustrated, very large format edition of Eric; this was recounted in the Great Eric Saga, subtitled: "Why The US Lose on Eric", in at least one of the afp FAQs - but it seems to have disappeared into a well-hidden pocket of L-space, at some time after the appearance of the Roc mmp/b circa 8/95.]
h/cvr (& vlf p/b back cover) blurb:

     You've heard of Faust...

     This is Eric.

     There's a difference.

     Eric is fourteen, lives on the famed and magical Discworld, and is

     the first ever demonology hacker. Fortunately, he doesn't succeed

     in raising any devils, but he does raise Rincewind (the most incom-

     petent wizard in the universe) and the Luggage (the world's most

     dangerous travel accessory).

     When Eric turns them loose on an unprotected world, the idea is that

     Rincewind will grant him his three rather adolescent wishes.

     You know. The usual three. Live forever, rule the world, meet the

     most beautiful woman who ever lived. Simple, really...

     Getting marooned at the dawn of Time, changing the future and meet-

     ing history's most embarrassing god is only the start. Creating life

     on the Discworld is a mere detail.

     Because Rincewind ends up going through Hell.


     It'll never be the same again.
a format p/b blurb:

     Eric is the Discworld's only demonology hacker.

     Pity he's not very good at it.

     All he wants is three wishes granted. Nothing fancy - to be imm-

     ortal, rule the world, have the most beautiful woman in the world

     fall madly in love with him, the usual stuff.

     But instead of a tractable demon, he calls up Rincewind, probably

     the most incompetent wizard in the universe, and the extremely

     _intractable_ and hostile form of travel accessory known as the


     With them on his side, Eric's in for a ride through space and time

     that is bound to make him wish (quite fervently) again - this time

     that he'd never been born.
---------------------------------------- 1.10 Moving Pictures
%A Terry Pratchett %T Moving Pictures %I Victor Gollancz (h/cvr) %D 11/90 [this edition now out of print] ISBN 0-575-04763-1 %I Corgi %D 11/91 (p/b) ISBN 0-552-13463-5 (p/b) %I Corgi (two-cassette audio/b; abr.) %D 1995 ISBN 0-552-14010-4 %I Roc (mmp/b) %D 1/92 ISBN 0-451-45131-7 %I Isis (eight-cassette audio/b) %D 1997 ISBN 0-7531-0039-4 %I Victor Gollancz (h/cvr) ["letterbox" design d-j] %D 5/97 ISBN 0-575-06486-2
h/cvr blurb:

     Cameras roll - which means the imps inside have to paint _really

     fast_ - in the fantastic Discworld when the alchemists discover

     the magic of the silver screen.

     But what is the dark secret of Holy Wood hill?

     As the alien clichбs of Tinsel Town pour into the world, it's up

     to the Disc's first film stars to find out. . .

     THRILL as Victor Tugelbend ("Can't sing. Can't dance. Can handle

     a sword a little") and Theda Withel ("I come from a little town

     you've probably never even heard of") battle the forces of evil

     and cinema advertising. . .

     SCREAM as Gaspode the Wonder Dog nearly saves the day. . .

     EAT POPCORN as you watch the filming of `Blown Away', the oddest

     Civil War picture ever made. . .


... ... ...
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